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We provide strategic advices on our clients’ structures as well as assistance on conducting the business structure review, especially on management, operational structures and HR department overview. We believe that every great business requires great handling.


We value every element of the business and we consider Internal Control is definitely one of the most important elements.

Internal control issues have been one of the major weakness in every big business, as we already know that one particular sector in the company can be the reason to success or, the other hand, a major setback for the growth of the company.

We aim our clients to grow together with us in a lasting harmony, we care about our clients’ issues as we observe them and we give our best to find the professional solution together.

We have been empowering our team to be the neutral side of the situation to put ourselves in our clients’ cycle, make proper technical procedure and provide the win-win managerial information for our clients. We consider our team as the professional guest party that stand neutral and evenhanded during the process and the outcome.


Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit. Our Business Advisory team in BILCO offers creative, innovative and comprehensive solutions for specific client business needs based on professional standards. Led by experts with a variety of industry and technical specializations, our team brings focused value by delivering a tailored suite of advisory services.