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The Profile

BILCO is a registered tax consultant founded by dynamic experienced tax & accounting experts. Based Jakarta, our team is powered by dedicated professionals with deep understanding and knowledge in advisory field. With years of experience in the business, we provide services in tax, accounting and managerial advisory. Our longstanding professional relationship with the prominent business leaders keep us striving to be one of the leading and reliable in the advisory business.

Our clients include many of the leading companies and rapid growing corporations in SME, manufacturing, shipping, property, finance, as well as many prominent key players in the industrial area.

The Vision – The Mission


We build the fundamental of every advisory business. We build trust, as we put the value of trust in our heart of our core business. In this fast growing industrial era, everything starts with trust and we comply by giving our best to maintain the trust value with our clients. We build the connection with and within the clients by optimizing our source to optimize theirs.


We improve the harmony of the advisory business. We improve the strength of our clients’ line of business, by empowering them in the internal area to help them optimizing profit. As we understand the need of growth, we strive our team to make improvement continuously. We improve our ways by improving our clients, as we acknowledge our clients not only as business partners, but also as part of our valuable nearest networks.


We are on our way to be one of the leading tax advisors, compliance and accounting service providers. We lead in commitment to always provide the highest quality of service and advice to our clients. We lead our client to the best by giving our best in providing solutions that are creative, reliable and also credible.


We always strive to deliver to you the most accurate calculation and advice with our best concern for detail.


We help our clients on running the effective way in terms of cost by having us as a trusted partner on handling tax, accounting and internal control. We aim at providing our clients with effective and efficient solutions for business performance.



Having us as your business partner, we ensure our team to keep the confidentiality all of the clients’ data, information and records.


We always keep up with the current tax regulations and trends to become our most reliable partners in the business.


As we understand time is our client’s valuable asset, we provide to ensure our clients to be able to put focus on the profit optimizing performance to fulfill the company needs by having us deal with the tax and accounting matters for you.


We provide our best services to make you our valuable partner.


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